Another Great Use of Twitter: Holiday World Amusement Park

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Holiday World LogoOne of my last posts (Twitter: The Art of Micro-Blogging) gave some examples of how big companies are making big impact by the way they use the service. This morning, I stumbled across another perfect example. It involves an amusement park in Santa Claus, Indiana. Yes, you heard correctly. The name of the park? Holiday World of course. Besides its collection of world class wooden roller coasters and friendly park atmosphere, Holiday World earns praise for its incredibly open and transparent management team. The owners, the Koch family, are often seen walking the grounds and conversing with visitors. They also have taken this conversation online, operating a frequently updated blog and now, utilizing Twitter. On May 7th they wrote:

“Once we’re open daily (Saturday), it’s our intent to provide running commentary about the day. If you’re in the park and have the feed text-messaged to you, you’ll know which rides have the shortest lines. If you’re not in the park, you might still get a kick out of knowing that stuff.”

What a great use. They have been doing a great job keeping things regularly updated. You can follow along here. Besides being better connected to park visitors, the move to Twitter also gave Holiday World some great PR: their use of Twitter has been featured in articles from the Motley Fool and The Evansville Courier & Press.

So, using Twitter can connect you better with followers and fans and also gain you some great press attention. What’s not to love?

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